April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month, which is an annual nationwide observance devoted to supporting victims of child abuse and their families. 

While, sadly, child abuse is a widespread problem in our communities in the Rio Grande Valley, we are fortunate to have organizations, such as The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties, where team members assist victims of abuse with recovering while giving hope, healing, and justice. 

The CACHS cannot provide these services without the financial support of the community. Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month serves as a reminder of how often abuse happens, and how we, as a community, can help prevent further troubling circumstances. 

About Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month 

Throughout the month of April, we acknowledge Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month and how essential cooperation and togetherness within the community create a huge impact that helps families recover and prevents child abuse. Every year, communities are urged to raise awareness about the ongoing issues of child abuse and join together to develop plans on how to recognize, report, and prevent abuse and neglect in children. 

This time can also be utilized to come up with social media campaigns to spread the word to people who do not fully understand how prevalent child abuse is in our community. 

Our Children Are Our Future

Children are undeniably impacted by positive interaction and love from their families. Positive experiences help children to thrive and grow while also strengthening the community.  

This awareness month was made specifically because many individuals are oblivious to how often children are being abused; even children they might know. 

Research has shown that negative encounters with abusers affect a child’s behavioral, physical, and cognitive abilities. The abuse of one child can lead to generational trauma, creating a cycle that must be stopped.  

The team members at The Children Advocacy Center are passionate about caring for the children in our communities and preventing abuse from occurring. 

The CACHS provides services that can reverse the traumatic effects endured by children who have suffered abuse early in their lives. The children of the Rio Grande Valley deserve to have hope in living normal lives, starting families, and becoming great leaders. 

Our organization can play a critical role in ensuring these positive outcomes are created. 

We cannot help these children who need it most without the assistance of generous donors and sponsors. Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month hopefully opens the eyes of our community to how many children are suffering and being affected by abuse. 

Awareness is key to preventing child abuse. 

Join the Fight

On April 30th, 2022, the CACHS will be celebrating our 12th Annual Vinos Event. Our community will gather with friends and colleagues to raise awareness of child abuse and talk about strategies that can be implemented to prevent this abuse.

We invite everyone who shares the same passion for protecting our Rio Grande Valley children from being subjected to negligence and abuse. 

Your organization can fight child abuse and keep children safe by becoming Vinos sponsors. The money donated stays local, assisting and supporting the children in our community to recover.


Help raise awareness and prevent child abuse this April during Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month and assist the members of CACHS in fighting the good fight by becoming a Vinos sponsor.