Joint Investigation Coordination

Why Is Joint Investigation Coordination Important?

Children who have been abused not only deserve to find healing, but they also deserve justice and protection.

Through joint investigation coordination, the key professionals from critical entities work together for a more harmonious and effective management of the victim’s health, healing, and pursuit of justice.

Joint Investigation Coordination, Coming Together To Support Children

Joint investigations allow all agencies involved in a child abuse case to collectively share information, proceed with the investigation, and shoulder the decision-making process for keeping children safe and helping them find hope, healing, and justice. 

This consolidation of efforts makes a big impact on the case as a whole since everyone involved has access to the information they need. It also allows the case to be viewed from both a social and criminal standpoint with full access given to police investigators during the entirety of the case.

Who Might Be Involved in the Joint Investigation?

Regardless of the type of abuse — sexual, mental, physical, or neglect — many areas of a child abuse case are thoroughly investigated during this process. Investigators search and discuss matters that pertain to the child’s protection and safety, interview victims, perpetrators, and witnesses of the abuse, and analyze any information regarding the progress of prosecution. 

The investigators involved in the process can include law enforcement officers, social workers, medical professionals, prosecutors, and attorneys. 

Collectively, with their knowledge and training, this joint investigative team works to create a smoother process for children. These efforts can make a big difference in the outcome of the case, ensuring that everyone has the information they need to protect and fight for children who have suffered abuse. 

Make a Difference With the Children’s Advocacy Center: Help Children Find Hope, Healing, and Justice

Even if you aren’t directly involved in the investigation and processing of child abuse cases, you can still support children and the battle against child abuse. Joint investigators need the help of the community to proceed with investigations, help children heal, and fight for justice. Give back to your community and help the process of rebuilding families by donating to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties.

For every child we serve, one month of services costs approximately $1,500. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your donations and sponsorships.