Combatting Sex Trafficking

What Is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking that involves compelling or coercing the victim into engaging in sexual activity for commercial purposes. Sex trafficking is an underreported crime that can affect people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. However, members of vulnerable groups, including victims of sexual abuse, children who have been in the juvenile justice system, or children in the child welfare system, may be at greater risk of sex trafficking. In addition, people without citizenship, people of color, LGBTQI+ individuals, and people with disabilities may also be at a higher risk of becoming victims of sexual trafficking.

How Common Is Child Sex Trafficking in Texas?

Child sex trafficking is a real danger for children in Texas. In 2020, Texas Children Advocacy Centers across the state assisted nearly 62 thousand children at risk in Texas communities.

Of those children helped, 582 were involved in sex trafficking. While that represents a small portion of all child abuse victims helped in the state, it’s important to note that children who are being trafficked or have been trafficked often go missing, and it can take a number of years, sometimes decades, to locate them and find a suitable, safe placement to aid in the recovery and healing process.

Here at our CACHSC Edinburg Center, we currently have 60 active cases involving sex-trafficked children from Texas. Out of those 60 cases, five children have been successfully recovered, and two children continue to receive support. These recoveries were of particular importance as the children were recovered from Mexico and brought back to the United States.

What Role Does CACHSC Play In Combating Sex Trafficking of Minors?

CACHSC plays a vital role in the recovery and healing of child sex trafficking victims in our community. Before our inception, there was no coordination between the various agencies and authorities investigating these horrible crimes, and many victims and their families were left unsure of a path forward. CACHSC works to bridge that gap and fight for justice by establishing and coordinating a collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Team to work together on the investigation, and by providing family and victim support services and counseling to help foster hope and healing.

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No child should be the victim of sex trafficking, but the sad fact is that sex trafficking is a serious threat to children in Texas. If you live in Texas, you can do your part to protect the children in your community by reporting suspicious activity and any reports of abuse from children. You can also help give back by donating to CACHSC.

When you donate to CACHSC, all of that money goes toward supporting child abuse and child trafficking victims in Starr and Hidalgo Counties. Don’t just talk about the problem: do something about it, with a donation to CACHSC.

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