Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviews are scheduled by either Child Protective Services or law enforcement agencies after allegations of physical or sexual abuse …

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Many children who are victims of abuse develop complex, embarrassing, and painful psychological symptoms that can affect their quality of life for years to even …

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Victim Family Services

Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties’ Family Advocacy Program educates families on the roles investigating agencies play, how the …

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Sexual Assault Nurse Exam

The SANE exam is a way to gather evidence that may be on the child’s body following a sexual assault. It is done by a specially trained SANE nurse who …

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Our Children. Our Community.

Child abuse and neglect are not isolated occurrences. Every single day, in our very own community in the Rio Grande Valley, children are physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. In 2023, the CACHSC conducted:

  • 2147 Victims of Child Abuse Served
  • 3866 Mental Health Sessions
  • 1987 Forensic Interviews
  • 262 Medical Exams

This unfortunate reality means that this could be happening to a child you know. No child should be subjected to the pain and lasting trauma caused by abuse. Our children are the future of our community, and it is up to us to address this problem and help shape a brighter future for them and their children.

Together We Can

Together we can make a positive impact in our community by helping children and families devastated by abuse. Supporting our efforts through donations, hosting corporate or organization events, and/or volunteering, you are helping victims of child abuse overcome the traumatic event that can have lasting repercussions well into adulthood.

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