Every April, Child Abuse Prevention Month is an opportunity for us to learn about the signs of child abuse and ways to prevent it.

Nationwide, communities come together in support of families and children. Outreach programs, resources, and activities provide wonderful tools that help us all to recognize abuse and neglect. With every opportunity, we instill hope in families and victims, drawing one step closer to healing wounds and preventing childhood abuse and neglect. 

In 2021, the theme of National Child Abuse Prevention month is, “Thriving Children and Families: Prevention with Purpose.” The most crucial thing we can do as a collective and as individuals to help children thrive is to support families before they face a crisis.

Thriving Children and Families: Prevention with Purpose

What does it take to effectively prevent child abuse?

This month, let’s take some time to learn how protective factors and adverse childhood experiences affect families and communities. It’s important for us to have a unified understanding of how families, neighborhoods, communities, and government agencies are using protective strategies to keep children safe, families strong, and encourage general well-being. 

Visit the 2021/2022 Prevention Resource Guide for tips and approaches: www.childwelfare.gov//topics//preventing//preventionmonth//resources//resource-guide/

Visit Information Gateway to find out what role you can play to support and help families thrive: www.childwelfare.gov/topics/preventing/ 

Building Resilience in Families and Our Community

We acknowledge that every single family needs help sometimes and that requesting help can be a sign of strength. Community and family support is powerful in that it allows us to keep our youth safe from harm. We all should strive to keep children safe with their families, rather than safe from their families.

By enlisting diverse community stakeholders—especially families who have lived through trauma—we can help to evaluate and work on the support systems, resources, services, and methods to align the needs of their families and uphold the conditions to thrive collectively.

We will also give resources to provide a full prevention continuum that makes community protective factors stronger while mitigating related risk factors. This is the time to build a well-being system that lets families grow and thrive together—on their own terms. 

However, this work must go beyond certain programs and processes. It must become the lens where we look at the totality of our efforts. 

Observing National Child Abuse Prevention Month 

 Promote the prevention of child abuse by using #NationalChildAbusePreventionMonth and #ThrivingFamilies based on this year’s theme on social media to spread awareness. 


National Child Abuse Prevention Month was initially observed in 1983 by a proclamation done by President Ronald Reagan. The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect continues to set up activities, create promotional materials, and host multidisciplinary forums with a focus on prevention, education, and awareness on a yearly basis.

Upcoming CASHC Events: Save These Dates!

  • On April 1st, 2021, we will be remembering the 8 (Starr County) children who lost their lives by placing blue pinwheels in the front yards of homes in Edinburg. A small ceremony in Edinburg is planned for 11:45 AM for those who can participate.  
  • On April 9th, 2021, we will be participating in “Go Blue Day.” On this day, all CAC staff are encouraged to wear blue in support of child abuse victims.  
  • On April 25th, 2021, we will be observing Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children for those interested in participating. To join us, please go to WWW.BLUESUNDAY.ORG. Register for FREE resources to bring awareness to your congregation. 

Prevent Child Abuse Year-Round

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties (CACHSC) aims to prevent child abuse year-round. You can help us continue to make this happen by donating and having difficult but necessary conversations with others in an effort to continue raising and spreading awareness. 

Together we can keep preventing child abuse, because childhood can last a lifetime.