The battle against child abuse can’t be fought by one person alone. There are countless people involved in this important work, including the board members at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties. Dr. Danielle Fox is the fundraising and marketing chair on the CACHSC board, and consistently goes above and beyond to support the fight against child abuse. Dr. Fox, shared with us a little bit about why she’s so passionate about working with CACHSC.

Answering the Call to Duty: Dr. Danielle Fox

Dr. Danielle Fox joined the CACHSC team six years ago and hasn’t looked back since! According to Danielle, joining the board was one of the easiest decisions she’s ever made. 

“I felt a ‘call to duty’ and did not hesitate for one second to accept the opportunity to help in any way I could,” Dr. Fox told us.

It was an honor for her to join the work of protecting children from child abuse, said Dr. Fox. But her work reaches deeper than the children and their non-offending family members. As the fundraising and marketing chair, her work takes her out into the community! 

“I work with the community to educate and encourage participation and support of this worthy cause while offering Hope, Healing, and Justice to our child victims.” 

Bringing Light to Victims’ Stories

Child abuse is a difficult subject, and sometimes it might seem easier for us to run away from the subject than confront it. But Dr. Fox shares why it’s important to persevere.

“Child abuse is not an easy subject to discuss, however we must continue to openly discuss child abuse so that we can better help its victims.”

Many children have been helped because someone took the time to act. Shedding light even through difficult times has been possible thanks to the CACHSC team.

“I continually find myself in awe of this organization and how much it does for victims of child abuse and their non-offending family members.”

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

The cycle of abuse often carries through multiple generations. But as Dr. Fox says, through intervention we can end that cyle.

“Fighting to break the cycle of abuse, one child at a time, not only helps our child victims achieve a safer and brighter future but helps provide a safer and brighter future for our community, and society.”

This just shows how important the work at the CACHSC is! It’s not only about protecting children now, but it’s also about building a better future for them, their loved ones, and the community.

Doing Your Part to Support the CAC

As a community, we will work together to build better futures for our children. 

“We cannot continue this worthy fight without your continued support,” said Dr. Fox.

She hopes you hear her story and consider it your call to action. You can get involved and join the fight against child abuse. There are many ways to support the effort including monetary or in-kind donations, corporate giving, gift matching, or through volunteer opportunities.

Giving Back in 2023: Become A Vinos Sponsor 

Dr. Fox is a key part of our work to support children and families, and you can be a part of that effort too! Together WE CAN stop the cycle and end child abuse.

Vinos is our largest fundraiser of the year and every dollar counts. It’s these generous donations and sponsorships that enable us to provide much needed services to the victims of child abuse in our community. Vinos is also a time to celebrate HOPE together. Join us as we work to bring a brighter future to our children of the Rio Grande Valley! 


Our Children. Our Community. Together WE CAN stop child abuse.