The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties (CACHSC) is committed to assisting children and families who have fallen victim to abuse. We wouldn’t be able to provide these services without the generous donations of both funding and time from the community and our dedicated team members. 

You can help us to continue providing services and care to victims by getting involved with CACHSC today. You can contribute your time, belongings, or money to help spread justice throughout Starr and Hidalgo counties. 

Your contribution will also assist our team and board members, like Jessica Galloso, in their fight to prevent child abuse. 

The Beginning of Jessica’s Advocacy Journey

Jessica Galloso, originally from Ohio, would find her way to the Rio Grande Valley in her early childhood thanks to her father’s career. Raised from then on in McAllen, Jessica has fond memories of growing up in the RGV and considers herself lucky to be from the Valley.  

While earning her master’s degree in counseling, Jessica had a fateful internship opportunity that would lead her to the Children’s Advocacy Center. With a passion for the well-being and happiness of children, the center was the ideal location for her to get the experience she needed to become a counselor.

Of course, she didn’t expect when she took her internship that she would be celebrating her nineteenth year with CACHSC before long. Over the years, she’s found herself in a number of meaningful roles at the Center, providing support and attention to families and their little ones.

Aspiring To Raise Awareness 

Throughout her time at the Children’s Advocacy Center, Jessica has been constantly inspired by the dedication shown by the organization’s team members. The agency’s commitment to not only providing care to victims, but also helping to reduce the number of child abuse cases in the RGV, continually motivates Jessica to do more.

In order to effectively fight child abuse, she believes the first step to progressing as a community is to recognize the issue at hand. 

“The reason why I’m so passionate about the Children’s Advocacy Center, for one, is that I think child abuse is something that is not talked about often enough. We need to make it known to the public eye. I don’t think the community realizes how many people are affected by abuse.”

Jessica strives to raise awareness about the prevalence of child abuse in the Rio Grande Valley and encourages others to share in her passion and donate their time and resources to this incredibly important cause.  

“We should consider how often we may know someone who was abused as a child and who never got to tell their story; who never got the support that these children are getting through the Children’s Advocacy Center.”

Jessica has witnessed how frightening it can be for a child to tell their story, but she also knows how necessary it is to give children a voice in order to prevent abuse from reoccurring. Her mission is to ensure every victim of abuse is heard and made to feel safe. But, it’s true what they say: it takes a village to protect a child. 

Supporting the Children in Our Community 

Jessica has had many life-changing experiences at the Children’s Advocacy Center, and those experiences have driven her to encourage community contributions to the fight against child abuse. She has seen firsthand how the support from generous donors and sponsors has assisted children and families in need. 

“I feel the Children’s Advocacy Center is a great organization to give to because the money stays local. These are our children, and we need to support them and let them know they are not alone.”

The community’s donations directly fund the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties, allowing the organization to continue providing life-changing services to victims of abuse, helping to break the cycle. Consider becoming a donor to help bring hope, healing, and justice to the children of our community.

Make a contribution to provide hope, healing, and justice to victims of child abuse in our community.