CDCAT Unites To Help Child Abuse Victims

Let’s Make A Change In Hidalgo & Starr Counties

Child abuse and neglect are not isolated occurrences. Every single day, communities across the Rio Grande Valley, children are physically, emotionally, and sexually abused.

In 2022, the CACHSC served 2173 victims of child abuse. In addition, we provided:

3718 Mental Health Sessions
1893 Forensic Interviews
308 Medical Exams

In just the last month, The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo & Starr Counties served 221 new young abuse victims, This translates into 1 child abuse victim for each one of the County and District Clerks in our organization!

A Mission For Hope, Healing & Justice

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo and Starr Counties (CACHSC) works with law enforcements, Child Protective Services, and the District Attorney’s Office to investigate and intervene in cases of child abuse. Our organization is part of a larger network of advocacy centers that have adopted the same effective model that the National CAC utilizes to help victims of child abuse and their non-offending family members. We take a multidisciplinary team approach and work to protect children from abuse and neglect by advocating for children and educating families on issues surrounding abuse.

Protecting Child Abuse Victims

Our centers in Hidalgo & Starr Counties serve as the first stop for children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse. We provide a child-friendly environment where our multidisciplinary team provides these core services for victims and their non-offending family members.

Breaking The Cycle One Child At A Time

The services and specially trained staff who work with our children, help them overcome the traumatic events, initiate healing and rebuild for a brighter future.

This is the path to breaking the cycle of abuse, one child at a time.

If a member of CDCAT donates (or collects and donates) $1500, it will cover the expenses for ONE CHILD FOR ONE MONTH.

The victims of crime Act (VOCA) will then match $4 for every $1 you donate. This magnifies the impact of your giving.

TOGETHER we can significantly help the victims of child abuse in two of our CDCAT counties.

Corporate Giving Opportunities

Corporate giving is another way to magnify the charitable impact of the CDCAT association. Encourage your network of corporate partners to join the fight against child abuse with their donation to CACHSC. These donations support prevention, intervention, and treatment services for child abuse victims in two of our counties. By taking action, businesses demonstrate their social responsibility and help us create a safer Texas for our children.


Stop The Cycle of Child Abuse One Child At A Time